For nearly a decade, J7 Services, LLC strives to provide our customers in Caldwell, TX with better value and greater success. We have built a reputation of successfully meeting our customer’s most stringent site preparation and excavating challenges. Our team works quickly and efficiently to ensure you stay within your budget.

We use the latest technology to deliver the best service in the area. For instance, we use a Dual Mast 3D system on our bulldozers and maintainers for site grading and drainage plans. This allows us to build your entire site within 5/100th of a foot regardless of the total size of the area. There is no job too big or too small for J7 Services, LLC.

Commercial Services We Provide:

Site Preparation

We can prepare land through the use of leveling, excavating, land drainage, and more. We will clear trees and other obstructions from the building site before beginning foundation work.

Rough or initial grading

Rough grading refers to directing surface water away from your building. Meanwhile, the foundation walls will be backfilled with material and the lot will be shaped.

Demolition Services

If you have an existing structure that needs to be torn down before building your new one, trust our demolition team to dismantle your old structure safely.

Road Building

We have the capabilities to clear pathways and install roads. Using milled asphalt, we are able to reuse existing material to construct new roads. It saves you money and is environmentally friendly.

For more information about the commercial and residential services we offer or for a free estimate, please contact us at 979-324-1951. We look forward to working with you!